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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Discover Your Miracle with Lancôme Maqui Miracle

Last Tuesday , I had the opportunity to attend
Lancôme Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Workshop organize by Nuffnang .
I really have fun meeting with blogger and Nuffies.
We have been introduced to Lancome new product launched in March  called "Lancome Maqui Miracle"
Why it is Miracle ?  
Is it because it is "All in one compact powder"? 
I didn't get it until i tried it on .
What i have been informed, It can create a great aura on us .
In other words we can look brighter and have good skin complexion in just a minute .Oops not even 30 seconds.
Thanks to the beautiful marketing ladies for giving us well explanation about"Lancome Maqui Miracle".Sorry i forgot her name.

  I love their tag line “Aura is our science “
 What good about this workshop is I've good opportunity to learn about how to have a great skin , how to apply the the skin care and make up and lots of technique and tricks by using Lancome product and 1st and foremost,
"Lancome Maqui Miracle"
To get  perfect result,Mr Zamri told us to use Lancome Maqui Miracle with Teint Miracle and Genifique Serum with the following step : 

Step 1
Apply Genifique Serum followed by moisturizer and sunblock on your face to make it easier for your foundation to go on. Genifique Serum works as activator. I heard about this product before.

Step 2:

Use Teint Miracle to achieve bare skin perfection by blending from the center of the face outwards and towards the jawline in a circular motion. 
Why we have to do it in circulation motion ? 
This is because of the blood circulation.

Step 3 :

Achieve a perfect make up finish with Maqui Miracle Compact.
Use the velvet sponge side to pick up foundation and apply uniformly.Use the silky fluffy side to blend and polish the foundation .
I love the sponge . Both side have different function.One side is smooth but the other side is smoother.

What  Lancome Maqui Miracle is all about and why it suit me well?

Blue and pink pigments give the Aura perfect skin 
Pink pigment correct the dullness and make your skin healthy looking glow while blue pigment neutralize the yellow tones and strengthen the appearance of complexion freshness and purity.

12 hour long-lasting 
This is really important for me because i am busy , i have no time to touch up my face every hour . So i think it suit me well.

SPF 35/ PA ++
This is one of my criteria to choose compact .High SPF is important to protect us from UV light .This is a must have item.

All in one compact
This compact can create your perfect aura and discover breakthrough Miracles .It make my face glow. I love it.

When you put on Maqui Miracle into your face , you will feel very light .
The duo sponge helps to create the ideal coverage . It will well blend with your face and it look really smooth .

Easy to apply
It works really well to all type of skin .And it is easy to apply to my skin.I feel so great.

During this workshop, Mr Zamri did the demo to one of the participant.(I’ve met him before in the other Lancome event during secretary week at PD)So we can see the result on the spot with natural look.

We bring back lots of goodies and the best thing ever I got this for myself and it's free. Thanks Lancome!!!


Last but not least

I am looking for Miracle.
My skin is uneven, rough , and look dull .I wanna have the skin as smooth as baby skin, glow and brighter.But it’s impossible to get that when we are getting older .
i hope that
"Lancome Maqui Miracle"
will help.

So I'm doing mini experiment to myself.


My skin look dull, uneven,wrinkle,eye bag and not perfect without make up.You named it.

I think Lancome Maqui Miracle really works for me. I feel like flying , very light and natural. That's what i really want.
Let's try it yourself.

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