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Monday, November 1, 2010

Senarai Toys untuk anak 2 tahun

Budak-budak ni jangan ingat kalau dia main tu hanyalah perbuatan yang sia-sia.

Jika kena caranya , aktiviti bermain dapat develop anak-anak punya skill.

I want to share it with kawan-kawan di samping Tifa pun dapat gak manfaatnya.

I get from here .

Mana tau berguna .


Construction toys – wooden blocks, stacking blocks, building block, Duplo, train tracks, Zoobs and junior Lego are great for finger strength and creative technological play.

Drawing – Make sure you have drawing materials available – paper and wind up crayons at a little table and chair.

Matching games – Purchase games that are sets of matching cards or show the opposites and your child needs to put them in the right pairs with you help.

Puzzles – starting with two piece moving up to 12 and 18 piece puzzles by the end of their 2nd year.

Playdough – this toy for 2 year olds will be the one that keeps on giving. Make your own or buy some with a set of mini rolling pins and cutters. Establish the user guidelines to prevent later clean up frustrations. We insisted that our children use it on a table in the kitchen to stop it getting walked into carpets.

Posting box – shape sorters for posting the correct type shape.

Hammering table – or even just a wooden peg board that your toddler can hammer pegs through is a great toy for 2 year olds to improve eye hand co-ordination.

Push/pull toys – Toys to pull or push are great fun.


So , apa lagi , lepas ni Tifa propose kat my hubby la .

Tifa open cadangan aje , hubby yang tolong realizekannya .

Harap-harap dia baca entry ini J
Farhan lepas ni banyak la toys yang ayah beli kan kan kan



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