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Friday, January 7, 2011

Alamak termiss cerita bestt

Mamat ni berlakon tentu aku suka J

Oh my god dah episode 16

Mesti follow cerita ni .

Tengah demam ceriat Korea .

Bila dah nengok tak boleh nak stop .

Mesti ada depan tv okeh .

Kerja lain berhenti dulu .

Every Monday and Tuesday okay jam 9:00 malam .

Tak percaya cubalah , korang mesti akan addicted macam Tifa jugak.


Mary Wi is a wanna-be eco-friendly designer, but she did not major in design, is not qualified and has no social connection in that field. She is cute looking, just like her late mother, but she is short-tempered like her dad. Mary’s dad believes that there’s no man who is trustworthy and he insists that he will pick Mr. Right for his daughter. Though they always quarrel, Mary is daddy’s little girl and thinks her father is the best. One day, Mary goes to a glam rock concert and there, sees a pretty looking but rough rocker, Mu-gyul who sings like there’s no tomorrow. On the other hand, Mary’s dad, since she was 5 year old, has already arranged Mary’s marriage with Jung-in, son of his rich friend, Jung-suk, who has supported him financially. To avoid the arranged marriage, Mary asks Mu-gyul to take wedding photo with her. Jung-in, then, enters the picture. Now, Mary will live in a pent house in the Chung-dam area with Jung-in, a rich president of an entertainment agency, while she lives with Mu-gyul, a poor indie-band rocker in an underground apartment in Hong-dae district, at the same time. After 100 days of polyandrous marriage, she will have to choose which one is Mr. Right. She goes through an inner conflict over two different men with different charms




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