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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Babyfaced beauty - Korean Drama

Sesapa yang rindukan lakonan Jang Nara …mesti tonton …
Cute sangatlah minah ni ….umur dah meningkat ,,,,rupa still maintain macam budak-budak.
Cerita ni best  …nak tengok kat mana ?
Buka Astro 319 KBS, pukul 9:00 malam setiap Isnin dan Selasa .
Memang best cerita ni …Jang Nara mengaku umur dia dua puluhan tapi sebenarnya umur dia tiga puluh empat.
Tak caya cuba pi tengok .

Thirty three year old spinster, Soyoung, has an unbelievably young looking face! Most girls who are 33, they are either married or very successful in their field. However, all Soyoung has is a troublesome family, morass of poverty, a poor academic background and a baby face inherited from her dad. When you are young, you dream big. She, wanted to be a world famous designer, applied for the nation’s top reputed design school and got accepted. However, because of some complicated family matters, she has to give up on her dream school. Instead, she goes to a textile institute and graduate there at the top of her class. Moreover, her dexterity allows her to make simple clothes for herself. When economy worsened, she gets fired from a company she worked at for 13 years because of her age. Soyoung lies about her age to get a job at the top textile company! There, she meets Choi Jinwook who finds older women unattractive. Jinwook, not knowing Soyoung is 6 years older than him, is becoming fond of her..
·         Lee So-young (Jang Na-ra)
Her heart is as golden as she’s pure-hearted and lovely. Belying her age of 32 years-old, she’s such baby-faced. But after being dismissed from a textile company due to her “old” age after having worked there for 12 years, she becomes unemployed in the midst of recession. Although she can’t lie to save her life, she gets hired by a fashion company with her young sister So-jin’s resume, and her life makes a 180-degree turn. Now, two “formidable” men approach her with romantic interests. Not having been the main character in matters of love during her entire life, she’s about to become a Cinderella.
·         Choi Jin-wook (Choi Daniel)
He’s been the Managing Director (MD) of fashion company “Clie.” Although he’s the only son to the family owning a restaurant chain with multi-million dollars in annual sales, he has left home to defy his overly-authoritative father, declaring himself independent. On a casual glance, he may look worldly and calculating like many men nowadays, he’s actually an innocent hunk who would give everything to the one and only woman he truly loves. Due to his natural-born charm and exceptional prowess in sales operations, he’s the subject of much affection from older colleagues, both women and men. He falls for So-young, unaware she’s actually five years older than he is. Upon finding out the truth, he falls into a shock…

Source : KBS


Gil Ra Im said...

alaa...takde astro la pulak.. T__T

Pink Lavender said...

nih episod mlm td kan...
dia pi gunting kain khemah tuh jd sweater tuh...hu3...sengal sungguh minah ini...apa pon enjoy n kdg2 emo tgk citer nih

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